Category: Animals

These word puzzles are about animals, insects and all kinds of critters. Enjoy!

Dachshunds Word Search

Consistently ranking among the Top Ten Most Popular Dog Breeds, dachshunds can be great as guard dogs but not necessarily a good fit for families with small children. They tend to be loyal and friendly but can also be quite stubborn and irritable rascals. Have you ever owned a dachshund?

Fish Starting With “H” Word Search

How many of these fish have you ever heard of? Some of them have quite interesting names, especially Hawaii’s state fish (bet you can’t guess which one that is!) Most of us have probably only heard of haddock, halibut and herring.

Nothing But A Hound Dog Word Search

The hound group is a varied group of dogs with a keen sense for tracking quarry. Some of these dogs don’t make the best neighbors due to the unique sound they make known as baying.