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These word puzzles are about all kinds of things you can find around the house. Enjoy!

Types of Furniture Word Search

Whether you sit on it or lie on it, furniture is important! Here are some types of furniture (and some of their various names) that most people are familiar with. Which of these do you have in your house?

Types of Knives Word Search

Knives are a vital part of our lives … both as eating utensils as well as work aids. How many of these knives have you used before? Which of them do you actually own?

Types of Spoons Word Search

A spoon by any other name is still a “spoon” … even if it’s called a fork. Fortunately we do not need to know its real name in order to use it!

Types of Forks Word Search

Who knew there were so many types of forks? Most people are familiar with a dinner fork, a salad fork, and maybe a dessert or fondue fork. But there are so many more! Check out all these various forks.