Away In A Manger Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle featuring the lyrics of the Christmas carol Away In A Manger so you can sing along as you search for words including manger, Lord Jesus, bright sky, asleep, cattle, I love thee, and my cradle.

“Away In A Manger” has been set to many different tunes over the years. In the United States, the most popular melody is called “Mueller” while a more lullaby-like tune called “Cradle Song” is popular in many other places.

Enjoy singing along to whichever tune you prefer as you search for words and phrases from this classic Christmas carol  … away, manger, no crib, his bed, little, Lord Jesus, laid down, sweet head, stars, bright sky, looked down, he lay, asleep, on the hay, cattle, lowing, poor baby, wakes, no crying, he makes, I love thee, the sky, stay by, my cradle, til morning, and is nigh.

Click image to download Away In A Manger Printable Word Search.