Baby Shower Registry Gifts Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle featuring baby shower registry gifts including items such as baby monitor, changing pad, disposable diapers, onesies, and teething gel.

Various forms of baby “showers” have existed for centuries and in many countries, but the modern baby shower started after WWII during the baby boom. The point was to provide the mother-to-be with items for the initial care and clothing of a new baby, thus reducing the financial burden of the parent.

Traditionally baby showers were only given for the family’s first child and attended only by women. Proper etiquette required the shower to be hosted by a close friend since it was considered rude for family members to beg for gifts for the mother-to-be.

In today’s world, family members often throw the shower, the father may be invited, and showers are no longer just for first babies since many pregnancies are years apart so it is almost like having the “first” baby all over again.

Having babies will never go out of style and neither will baby showers. Whether it is for family or friend, boy or girl, every mother-to-be will have a long list of things she needs.

Have fun searching for the following items that are common gifts at baby showers … baby monitor, bassinet, bathtub, behind ear thermometer, bibs, bottle brush, bottle set, burp blanket, changing pad, changing pad liners, cloth diapers, crib sheet set, diaper bag dispenser, diaper genie, diaper pail, dishwasher basket, disposable diapers, flannel blanket, gift cards, hairbows, high chair, lotion and powder, mobile, onesies, pacifier keeper, pacifiers, playard, sleep sacks, and teething gel.

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