Bible Mothers Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle featuring some of the mothers of the Bible including Bathsheba, Eve, Hannah, Mary, Rachel, Rebekah, Ruth, and Sarah.

No one enters the world without a mother and in Biblical times mothers played an extremely important role in the lives of many well-known individuals.

From Eve to Hannah to Bathsheba to Mary, the names and stories are familiar. From scorned first wives to beloved second wives to grandmothers being there for a grandchild, each woman had a purpose in God’s plan … either directly or in the life of someone else we know well.

Here are thirty mothers from the Bible. Do you know who their husbands and children were? Can you remember their particular stories or significance?

Search for Abigail, Aholibamah, Bathsheba, Bilhah, Elizabeth, Eunice, Eve, Gomer, Hagar, Hannah, Jezebel, Jochebed, Judith, Keturah, Leah, Lois, Mary, Milcah, Naomi, Peninnah, Rachel, Rahab, Rebekah, Ruth, Sarah, Shulamite woman, Tamar, Zeruiah, Zilpah, and Zipporah.

Click image to download Bible Mothers Printable Word Search.