Chinese Dynasties Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle featuring the major dynasties of China including familiar and not-so-familiar ones such as the Dong Jin, Ming, San Huang Wu Di, Tang, and Zhanguo dynasty.

Most everyone is familiar with the Ming Dynasty which was from 1368 to about 1644. But China actually had nearly 5000 years of dynasties in its history.

Although we think that China was only ruled by one dynasty at a time, that is not true because different regions were often ruled by different groups. New dynasties were established long before they successfully overthrew the existing dynasty and then it took time to extend control throughout the entire country. It was not unusual for the transition from one dynasty to the next to take years if not decades to occur.

These major dynasties of China can be found in this puzzle … Bei Song, Chunqiu, Dong Han, Dong Jin, Dong Zhou, Jin, Liao, Ming, Nan Bei Chao, Nan Song, Qin, Qing, San Guo, San Huang Wu Di, Shang, Sui, Tang, Wu Dai Shi Guo, Xi Han, Xi Jin, Xi Xia, Xi Zhou, Xia, Xin, Yuan, and Zhanguo.

Click image to download Chinese Dynasties Printable Word Search.