Emperors of Japan Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle featuring 600 years of emperors and empresses of Japan including Go-Kashiwabara, Higashiyama, Kinjo, Meiji, Nakamikado, Sakuramachi, and Taisho.

Here are the emperors and empresses that have ruled Japan over the past 600 years. These are not their personal names but the names they are given posthumously. The current Emperor, Kinjo, will likely be renamed Emperor Heisei after his death.

Find all these names in the puzzle … Go-Hanazono, Go-Kashiwabara, Go-Komyo, Go-Mizunoo, Go-Momozono, Go-Nara, Go-Sai, Go-Sakuramachi, Go-Tsuchimikado, Go-Yozei, Higashiyama, Kinjo, Kokaku, Komei, Meiji, Meisho, Momozono, Nakamikado, Ninko, Ogimachi, Reigen, Sakuramachi, Shoko, Showa, and Taisho.

Click image to download Emperors of Japan Printable Word Search.