Fish Starting With “H” Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle featuring the names of fish beginning with the letter H such as haddock, hairtail, halibut, hammerhead shark, handfish, herring, hog sucker, and hussar.

How many of these fish have you ever heard of? Some of them have quite interesting names, especially Hawaii’s state fish (bet you can’t guess which one that is!) Most of us have probably only heard of haddock, halibut and herring.

Find all of these fish hiding in the puzzle … haddock, hagfish, hairtail, hake, half-gill, halfbeak, halfmoon, halibut, halosaur, hamlet, hammerhead shark, hammerjaw, handfish, hardhead catfish, harelip sucker, hatchetfish, hawkfish, herring, herring smelt, hillstream loach, hog sucker, hoki, horn shark, horsefish, houndshark, huchen, humuhumu-nukunuku-apua‘a, and hussar.

Click image to download Fish Starting With H Printable Word Search.