Inflatables Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle about inflatable products including such items as an airdancer, beach ball, exercise ball, rescue boat, swim ring, water balloon, and whoopee cushion.

Inflatable products are typically inflated with either air, a gas (such as hydrogen, helium or nitrogen) or a liquid.

All of these inflatables can be found in this puzzle … air cushion, airdancer, air mattress, armbands, basketball, beach ball, buoyancy compensator, castle, costume, d class lifeboat, dunnage bag, exercise ball, football, kites, personal flotation device, pneumatic bladder, rescue boat, rigid-hulled inflatable boat, rugby ball, swim ring, tire, tunnel, volleyball, water ball, water balloon, water polo ball, waterbed, whoopee cushion, and zeppelin.

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