Large Print Word Search FUN Puzzle Book

Get ready to enjoy hours of FUN with five kinds of word search puzzles that will appeal to word search lovers of all ages and interests. To make the puzzles more challenging and to give your brain more of a workout than most books do, many of these puzzles are just a little bit different or a little bit more involved.

All 150 large print puzzles feature the traditional puzzle grid … the difference is in how the lists are presented. You will find plenty of standard lists, as well as matching lists, missing lists, and partially missing lists. But the words are all there … you just might need to look a little harder to find them.

And there’s one more thing different about this puzzle book … the answer grids are missing! Since most people never need the answers, omitting them seemed a great way to reduce the number of pages in the book and help save a tree or two in the process. But never fear, if you need them, the answers are freely available at the Word Puzzle Hound site. The trees are eternally grateful!

From the traditional kind, to puzzles that have missing word lists, to variations with a unique twist, you’ll have lots of FUN with this large print word search puzzle book as you search for over 7000 words covering a wide range of topics … all without straining your eyes!