Named Comets Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle featuring some of the many named comets including Brorsen-Metcalf, Crommelin, D'Arrest, Halley, Kopff, Neujmin, Pons-Winnecke, Reinmuth, Tuttle, and Whipple.

Everyone is familiar with Halley’s comet … but did you know that there are hundreds of comets, both named and unnamed, that often return on a regular orbital schedule?

Included in this puzzle are some of the named comets which are usually named after their discoverer(s) … Biela, Borrelly, Brooks, Brorsen-Metcalf, Comas Solá, Crommelin, D’Arrest, Daniel, Encke, Faye, Finlay, Forbes, Gale, Giacobini-Zinner, Grigg-Skjellerup, Halley, Herschel-Rigollet, Holmes, Kopff, Neujmin, Olbers, Perrine-Mrkos, Pons-Winnecke, Reinmuth, Schaumasse, Stephan-Oterma, Tempel–Swift–Linear, Tuttle, Väisälä, Westphal, Whipple, and Wolf.

Click image to download Named Comets Printable Word Search.