Nothing But A Hound Dog Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle featuring dogs in the hound group such as the Basenji, Dachshund, Rhodesian Ridgeback and Whippet breeds.

The hound group is a varied group of dogs with a keen sense for tracking quarry. Some of these dogs don’t make the best neighbors due to the unique sound they make known as baying.

This puzzle includes the following hound dogs to search for … Afghan, American English, American Foxhound, Basenji, Basset, Beagle, Black And Tan, Bloodhound, Bluetick, Borzoi, Dachshund, English Foxhound, Greyhound, Griffon Vendéen, Harrier, Ibizan, Irish Wolfhound, Norwegian Elkhound, Otterhound, Petit Basset, Pharaoh, Plott, Redbone, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Saluki, Scottish Deerhound, Treeing Walker, and Whippet.

Click image to download Nothing But A Hound Dog Printable Word Search.