I love puzzles and I'm guessing you do too since you are here! At Pages of Puzzles you will find both word puzzles and number-based puzzles, and a variety to choose from for each kind.

Puzzles allow you to relax while gently exercising your brain, providing a feeling of accomplishment when completing a puzzle. Working a variety of puzzles will not only keep your brain active but will keep you from getting B-O-R-E-D!!

The Benefits of Working Puzzles

Studies show that when you stretch your brain and try new things, you are helping to sharpen your mind. Using different parts of your brain and thinking in different ways is beneficial for keeping your brain functioning well.

The mental stimulation from working puzzles can help to fight dementia or memory loss and slow the onset of Alzheimer's in older people. And it can help strengthen reasoning and logic skills as well as improve memory and mental capacity in younger people. So puzzles are good for you no matter your age!

Number Puzzles

Number puzzles are great for keeping your mind sharp and helping your brain think in a whole new way. Without using math, these puzzles train your brain to reason and sort logically, letting your brain generate new cells even as you age.

Word Puzzles

Word puzzles are great for a child still in school who needs a curriculum supplement or just some fun, or for an adult who wants to spend their leisure time doing something other than just mind-numbing and brainless activities.

Designed for adults and older children, the word puzzles are all themed so serve to “teach without teaching” and are a fun way to encourage learning at any age. The puzzles cover a wide variety of subjects and are all family-friendly.

I create my own puzzles, and all the current packs can be found on the Puzzle Packs page. I hope you will find some you enjoy.

Puzzles are a fun way to enrich your life whether you are 9 or 109. Never stop learning, never stop using your brain!


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Cindy Evans
Owner and Puzzle Creator