Printable Puzzles About Holidays and Special Occasions

These word puzzles are about all kinds of seasonal events, special days, holidays and celebrations. (The Christmas puzzles are here.) Enjoy!

Memorial Day Observance Word Search

Many traditions surround the origination of Memorial Day but regardless of how it got started, it is a time to remember those who died protecting ...
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Baby Shower Registry Gifts Word Search

Various forms of baby "showers" have existed for centuries and in many countries, but the modern baby shower started after WWII during the baby boom ...
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National Poetry Month Word Search

April is National Poetry Month in the United States and Canada so in honor of poetic literature, here are the names of twenty-six of some ...
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April Fool’s Day Word Search

April first, commonly referred to as April Fool's Day or All Fool's Day, is considered THE day for practical jokes, pranks, and spreading hoaxes. Fake ...
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Easter of the Bible Word Search

The true meaning of Easter is all about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ after His death on the cross, providing salvation to any who ...
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Easter Egg Hunt Word Search

Children and Easter egg hunts just go together ... bright and pastel colors, dyed and plastic eggs loaded with goodies, chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps ...
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Waffle Day Word Search

International Waffle Day is March 25th and U.S. National Waffle day is August 24th. Eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or for a snack ...
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It’s Springtime Word Search

Everything starts to come back to life in the Spring! From the birth of baby animals to the blooming of vegetation to the rebirth and ...
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A fun printable word search puzzle featuring Irish-inspired terms in honor of St Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick’s Day Word Search

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated by Irish and non-Irish the world over with public parades in many countries. As the patron saint of Ireland, much ...
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