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Matching Word Search Puzzle Packs

Matching Word Search Puzzle Packs

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10 Matching Word Search Puzzles for a Change-Up In Your Puzzling

These word search puzzles feature the traditional puzzle grid but one-third of each word list is missing. You will be given two sets of ten words that need to be combined to form compound words. Draw a line to match the word in the left column with the correct word in the right column. Write the "new" words in the third column and then find the words from all three columns in the puzzle grid.

Each puzzle pack is loosely themed around several topics, but each puzzle is themed around its own topic. Of course, since two-thirds of the words are only the first or second half of a compound word, only the compound words are actually themed 🙄

No puzzle solutions are provided because you won’t need them, but the list of compound words created by matching the smaller words are at the end of the PDF if you get stuck or need some help.
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