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Mini Word Search Puzzle Packs

Mini Word Search Puzzle Packs

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30 Mini Missing List Word Search Puzzles for a Quick Challenge

These 30 mini puzzles feature the traditional puzzle grid ... the difference is that the word lists are missing. But the words are all there ... you just might need to look a little harder to find them. There is space to write the words as you find them, but that is optional. However, it might be a good idea so you know you have found all 10 of them!

Each pack features a single topic OR covers a wide variety of topics. But each puzzle is themed around its own topic or a sub-topic of the whole pack.

Volume 1 is all about FOOD! These 30 mini word search puzzles will whet your appetite by immersing you in nothing but food, food, food! You will spend lots of time thinking about food and searching for food, but there are NO calories in these puzzles!

Volume 2 is all about the WORLD! These 30 mini word search puzzles will let you "visit" 250+ cities and countries around the world (plus find a little coin!) You will "travel" to places you're not familiar with. How many of these places have YOU been to?

Volume 3 is yet to be released! 😎
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