Scottish-English Words Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle featuring words in the English language that have Scottish or Gaelic roots including blackmail, caddy, glamour, hubbub, rampage, shindig, spunk, and trousers.

Many words in the English vocabulary have their beginnings in another language, some more obvious than others.

This puzzle includes these common “English” words that are actually of Scots and Scottish Gaelic origin … blackmail, blatant, caddy, canny, clan, galore, glamour, golf, gumption, hubbub, inch, laddie, lassie, mackintosh, pet, plaid, pony, raid, rampage, scone, shanty, shindig, slogan, smidgen, spunk, trousers, tweek, wee, and wraith.

Click image to download Scottish-English Words Printable Word Search.