Shades of Green Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle featuring some of the many shades of the color green such as asparagus, camouflage, lime and shamrock green.

Each color has many shades and therefore many names. Here are the ones you will find in this puzzle … asparagus, army green, avocado, camouflage, celadon, chartreuse, citrine, emerald, feldgrau, fern, harlequin, honeydew, hunter green, jade, kelly green, lime, malachite, mantis, mint cream, myrtle, olive, pear, pine green, pistachio, shamrock green, spring bud, teal, turquoise, verdigris, and viridian.

How many of these shades of green are you familiar with?

Click image to download Shades of Green Printable Word Search.