The Little Drummer Boy Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle featuring the lyrics of the Christmas carol The Little Drummer Boy so you can sing along as you search for words including king, finest gifts, little baby, poor boy, ox and lamb, my drum, and he smiled.

“The Little Drummer Boy” was written in 1941 and referred to as a Czech carol. Originally known as “Carol of the Drum,” it was first recorded under its new title of  “The Little Drummer Boy” by the Harry Simeone Chorale in 1958.

Enjoy singing along as you search for words and phrases from this classic Christmas carol … come, told me, pa rum pum, pum pum, new born, king, to see, finest gifts, we bring, lay before, honor him, we come, little baby, I am, poor boy, no gift, to bring, that’s fit, to give, shall, play for you, on my drum, Mary nodded, ox and lamb, kept time, played, my drum, for him, my best, and he smiled.

Click image to download The Little Drummer Boy Printable Word Search.