Types of Forks Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle featuring many of the not-so-familiar types of forks you will likely never find on your dinner table such as cocktail, ice cream, and toasting forks.

Who knew there were so many types of forks? Most people are familiar with a dinner fork, a salad fork, and maybe a dessert or fondue fork. But there are so many more! Check out all these various forks.

This puzzle includes the asparagus, beef, berry, carving, cheese, chip, cocktail, cold meat, crab, dessert, dinner, fish, fondue, fruit salad, granny, ice cream, knork, lunch, meat, olive, oyster, pastry, pickle, pie, relish, salad, sporf, spork, tea, and toasting forks.

Click image to download Types of Forks Printable Word Search.