Types of Spoons Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle featuring many types of spoons that are available but not necessarily known to people such as the demitasse, marrow, runcible, and splayd spoons.

A spoon by any other name is still a “spoon” … even if it’s called a fork. Fortunately we do not need to know its real name in order to use it!

You’ve probably never heard of many of them but you can find all of these spoons in this puzzle … bouillon, caviar, chinese, coffee, cream-soup, cutty, demitasse, dessert, egg, grapefruit, horn, ice cream fork, iced tea, marrow, marrow scoop, orange, parfait, plastic, rattail, runcible, salt, saucier, seal-top, soup, splayd, spork, tablespoon, and teaspoon.

Click image to download Types of Spoons Printable Word Search.