Winter Wonderland Word Search

A fun printable word search puzzle featuring the lyrics of the classic Christmas song Winter Wonderland that you can sing along with as you search for words including sleigh bells, ring, glistening, wonderland, bluebird, and snowman.

“Winter Wonderland” was written in 1934 and has been recorded by more than 150 artists. This popular winter song does not mention Christmas in the lyrics and some singers substitute “circus clown” for “Parson Brown.”

Enjoy singing along as you search for words and phrases from this classic Christmas song … sleigh bells, ring, listening, in the lane, snow, glistening, beautiful sight, happy tonight, walking, winter, wonderland, gone away, bluebird, here to stay, new bird, he sings, love song, we go along, in the meadow, can build, snowman, pretend, Parson Brown, married, no man, do the job, and you’re in town.

Click image to download Winter Wonderland Printable Word Search.